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    Bleach Rules (Please Read It before Posting a Thread)


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    Bleach Rules (Please Read It before Posting a Thread)

    Post by Joseph on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:07 pm

    The Way the Forums Run

    On the Naruto, Bleach and One Piece boards the mods and posters alike have developed a system that has worked great for us since this forums inception. While we are not against new topics the most important thing to remember is before starting a discussion check to see if it hasn’t been discussed already. For example, if you have ideas for the Tobito theory you can post them in the RITS, Obito or Tobi thread. Use the SEARCH function or check the Master List of Discussion if you can’t locate the thread you’re looking for. Use your best judgment. The reason we work this way is to keep to forums relatively free of clutter or useless threads. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to PM me.

    DO NOT make threads on the following:

    "Who/what is your favorite <something>...." threads. These usually end up just being post count pharms because people tend to make one word posts and any discussion that might start generally ends up as a fight.

    "Who/what do you hate the most?" threads. These types of threads especially don't start nice discussions and almost always are meant to be combative. If you can discuss the topic reasonably without ending up in a flame fest, then do so in the Character Discussion threads instead. Otherwise, these are just post count pharms.

    "Who is better?" or "X vs. X" topics. In fact, no versus topics at all, because chances are someone else has done it already. And just like in the favorite X threads, they just end up being pharms or fights.

    Polls in general. Unless you're collecting data for some specific reason, polls don't really start up much useful discussion either. And don't use them to disguise "who is better" or "favorite X" threads either.

    Everything you need to know about SPOILERS

    Do you have some spoilers and want to share? Have you read the recent spoilers and want to discuss? Here are some things you need to know first:

    We have separate threads to post spoilers and to discuss them. This is done because there are usually so many spoilers that garner so much discussion, it’s just easier to weed through. Anyone who has spoilers can post them on the forum, but make sure that a thread has not already been started. Anything that has to do with the current chapter, even if it is just the cover of WSJ can go ahead and go in the SPOILERS thread.

    How to start a Spoiler Thread

    If you start a spoiler thread include a “No Discussion” warning IN THE TITLE as well as IN YOUR FIRST POST. We also ask that you start the Spoiler Discussion thread and put a link for it in the actual spoiler thread so people know where to go.

    Be sure to give credit where credit is due. For example, if you got the spoilers from Mangahelpers a simple MH will suffice. BA for BleachAsylum, etc. etc. Spoilers from your best friend’s mom’s, brother’s, cousin, step sister who lives in Japan is discouraged. Spoilers that have been run through a translator like Babelfish are not allowed and will be deleted.

    If you have any questions about the format feel free to PM me or check back on previous spoiler threads to see how it's done.

    Posted Spoilers will always be stickied at the top. Do not discuss the spoilers outside of its designated thread. There are many posters who do not read spoilers. Respect their wishes, and keep mum until the chapter is officially released. ANYONE WHO TRIES TO DISCUSS THE SPOILERS IN THE “NO DISCUSSION SPOILER THREAD” WILL BE GIVEN AN AUTOMATIC 3 DAY BAN, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Board Specific Rules:
    Put some thought into it: One sentence posts, those “I agree!” posts, and anything that doesn’t add to the conversation is highly discouraged. Show your intelligence! This is after all a discussion forum, here for the purpose of inciting conversation and debate. We understand that there are times when one or two sentences will happen. It’s when posters start making a habit of it that we start cracking down. One sentence posts (especially) do little to add to a conversation, and more often than not kill the conversation at hand. One word posts are an absolute no-no! This includes those one word posts that add a smiley in them. That is considered spam and they will be deleted.

    It’s all about respect: Obviously people will not always see eye to eye. Discussions often lead to heated debates. A disagreement of opinions is not an excuse to attack a person’s character/ intelligence/life. Be respectful, courteous and levelheaded. Don’t make posts just for the sake of being rude. And absolutely NO derogatory remarks when it comes to race or sexual orientation, either directed at another poster or character.

    This is a PG-13 board: OM has made it a point to make this site as family friendly as possible. No overtly sexual pics, no string of expletives. If you can't articulate without cursing you should rethink your vocabulary. Be mature about what you’re submitting.

    Use the Search and Edit function: Interested in a topic/character and wondering if it’s being discussed? Use the search function. Submitted a post and forgot to add something? Use EDIT instead of double posting. These two buttons can be your best friends.

    Above all have fun! Remember we’re all here for the same reason: we love manga and we want a good conversation about it. If you have any questions, concerns comments, feel free to PM a mod at any time.

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