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    Otaku chat rules


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    Otaku chat rules

    Post by Joseph on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:12 pm

    Threads must have a point to them, and encourage real conversation.
    -Posts must contain relevant content, and be more than a few words. Write in full sentences, and write more than one.
    -Character vs. Character threads must have some sort of decent conversation backed with real reasoning behind it.
    -Posts in a thread should be about the thread topic, not anything else. No need for any OOC here.
    -Speak English. N0-|- 1337sp33k. (If you couldn't read that last sentence, good for you)
    -Messages in Best/Weirdest/Favorite/Hated threads must state why you like it/hate it/think it's weird.
    -This is not a spam zone. I know I probably sound a bit redundant here, but don't spam pointless threads or make a million of the same thing with a slightly different twist. And please, before you make a new thread, use the search function!

    Also, I just closed every thread besides some OMCB threads with over 190 posts on the first 10 pages. If wanted, you guy can remake them.

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